Understanding IUFD, Fetal Death in the Womb

Intrauterine fetal Death or IUFD is a condition of a fetus that dies in the womb after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Some cases of IUFD cannot be prevented, but you can reduce the risk by being aware of the cause and taking appropriate preventive steps. When a baby is born, but there are no signs of life, such as breathing, heart rate, or body movements, the baby is said to experience stilbirth or stillbirth. In stillbirth, the baby may die during labor (intrapartum death), or the baby has indeed died while still in the womb or in the mother's womb. The condition of a fetus that has died since he was in the womb when the gestational age is over 20-28 weeks is called IUFD. Each doctor may use different fetal age criteria in determining the classification of IUFD. Another criterion for declaring IUFD is when the fetus dies it has weighed more than 350 grams in the uterus. IUFD is different from miscarriage, in which fetal death occurs when the gestational age has not reached 20 weeks.
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